Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Smoothline wall plate retrofit

This is a great example of a retrofit of a Smoothline flush-mount wall plate in a bathroom where a GFCI outlet is required.

The old outlet was upside down, painted over, and generally unsightly.

Old 1-gang GFCI outlet

Fortunately, the junction box was set behind the drywall, leaving room for the Smooth line flush mount wall flange.  The cover and outlet have been removed and the drywall is marked to be cut out to fit the Smoothline wall flange.

1-gang retrofit with outlet removed, ready for drywall to be cut

With the drywall cutout to size, the flange has been test fit and marked for level.

Smoothline flush mount wall flange attached to drywall

The final product is a flush wall plate that blends into the Benjamin Moore pure white wall.

Smoothline 1-gang flush wall plate with GFCI outlet

And from the side the flush outlet cover and outlet nearly disappears into the wall.

Smoothline 1-gang flush wall plate with GFCI outlet

As part of the bathroom remodel, the Smoothline flush wall plate is a huge improvement over the original installation.